Most of us are employees at our Local Game Store, located on the east coast of sunny (rainy) Florida. Think of us like the cast of Comic Store Men without the Kevin Smith endorsement and the TV deal.

Kent is our fearless leader. He’s been in the gaming industry since the late 80s and has been gaming even longer. Kent’s specialty is historical miniatures from all eras.

Cpt. Swing has been around the store just about as long as Kent. He’s our resident book, heavy metal and TV nerd. He also knows a lot about meat. When Cpt. Swing isn’t reading, he’s playing 40k or Warmachine.

Rabid Weasel is the local Jack of all Trades. He’ll critique your army list and then give you gardening tips. We’re all pretty sure he lives on Wikipedia.

Kevin O’Bedlam is the youngest of our team of heros. He’s been in the store since he was old enough to roll dice. He spends most of his time ranting about movies and beating Cpt. Swing at warmachine.


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