Agema Miniatures Legions review

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This is Manic Max here, back with another review. This time, it’s Agema miniatures 28mm Republican Roman legionaires. For those not in the know, Agema is a newer manufacturer of Republican Romans/ Punic wars Miniatures. They had a wonderful first release with their light infantry velites, which I have already reviewed, and now they have just released these republicans.


Agema have also recently updated their website, and the new site is located here:


As usual, the review will be broken down into sections about sprue layout, historical/sprue accuracy, cost (USD based) and ease of completion. Afterwards I will recap with an overall score. Without further ado, let’s get right to it.


Sprue layout 4.5/5


When I cracked open my review package, I was greeted with two sprues that looked like this:


As you can see, there are a ton of parts on this sprue. Containing 5 legionnaires with a choice of armament and headgear, there are a plethora of good things.


First of all, those who have read my earlier review will note the increase in available heads over Agema’s velite set. 10 heads, all unique, for 5 bodies. Secondly, you can make all 3 major types of legionary infantry for the period; namely Triarii, Principes, and Hastati. Unfortunatley there is no real stated option for the lightly armored Rorarii spears, but they were not main line legion infantry. However, for the discerning wargamer you could create them using Hastatus bodies and Triarius weapon arms.


Unfortunately, the designated body for the Triarius is only depicted kneeling. While this is historically accurate and great it also lacks the ability for multiple ranks of Triarii (usually deployed 20 wide 3 deep.)


The main reason I give the sprue 4.5 out of 5 is the shields. Accurate though they may be, it is a personal preference to have a secondary shield sprue (thus granting the possibility of more shields), to devote more space on the infantry sprue to equipment. However as a stand alone sprue for the troop types this is bang on good work by Agema.


Sprue Accuracy 5/5


Wonderful research work lends historical accuracy to the kit. Furthermore, detail is sharp and takes paint wonderfully.


There is even a decorated scabbard for a Gladius, which would most likely be worn by veteran Triarii. I am personally not so sure on the upper and lower rims on the shields, however this could be due to lack of information regarding shield creation in period.


Cost 4.9/5


A weird number, I realize. There is a reason for this. The box of legionaries is marked at $42 US dollars or 25 pounds sterling. This makes each figure approximately $1.05 each. Rounding to a dollar each to take into account the spare parts shown below, this is a reasonable price and relatively common in the historical market. With all the great conversion potential on this kit, it is well worth the money.



Ease of completion 5/5


It took me a square ten minutes, from clip to prep to glue, to get these 5 figures ready for painting. Furthermore, I was able to squeeze in a small conversion in that time. I created an extra two Hastati from a leftover Velite sprue and the extra heads and pila throwing arms from the legionaries. Due to a lack of excess shields (especially noticeable due to their reinforced rims) I had to make due with a spare Wargames Factory roman scutum. Because these will be back rank figures I see no issue once they are ready for the tabletop.



The only possible problem might be squaring up the arms, as the drapery on the cloth (which is the best I have yet seen, matched only by warlords greek hoplites to me at the time of this writing) is quite exact in the direction of flow.


Overall 4.85/5


To Recap, this legionary kit can make three different types of units. It suffers from a unique addition to the shields which may make mixed armies stand out slightly more. On the plus side the kit features additional heads and weapon options which help with conversions, as well as having top notch sculpting and accuracy. The price is what you would expect to pay for historicals without an online retailer discount, and the mini’s are most definitely worth it. Satisfying to paint up and will look good in massed armies. I give Agema miniatures an A on this kit, for a wonderfully executed addition to a period not generally covered with plastics at the time of writing




I would advise a shield/equipment sprue for conversion potential and command (however Agema has also released metal command figures, which from pictures look well done.) furthermore the sprue could be used as a baseboard platform for Carthaginian infantry and others.


Legio Invicta! Roma Invicta!


If you would like to purchase the Legionaries or wish for more information, the new Agema website is once again located at:


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