Beers and Bombardments! Florida Cracker / WoW Monopoly

World of Warcraft Monopoly


No, I’m not going to be reviewing Monopoly itself, since everybody’s played monopoly (probably incorrectly, I may add (Ugh I just linked HuffPo. Shoot me.)); I’ll be reviewing the WoW variation. Why, you ask, would I review a game from 1933 based on a game from 2004?  It’s just what I played this week. One of my long time buds is a professional, top level, monopoly player – and we had a few hours to kill, so we cracked (get it?) some beers and broke out the WoW monopoly.

I’m going to start by saying that you will likely not understand the references in this game if you don’t play WoW, but fortunately the box comes with a free trial! The pieces are really unique. You get a Hearthstone, a hammer, a clockwork gnome, and some other neat pieces. They’re pro status sculpts too. The money in gold, and the ‘progression’ around the board (the properties) are relative to the in-game leveling zones. Durotar first, then Wintergrasp and the Outlands later on. Boardwalk and Park Place are Org and Stormwind!

We had a blast and it brought back so many memories. Too many memories. I resubscribed and started my 80 Prot Warrior on the new content.

4/5 (for too many memories.)

Florida Cracker by Cigar City


Florida Cracker (named after the cattle drivers, despite the popular misconception) is made in our very own Cigar City Brewery, in Ybor Florida. A place I’ve had the luxury of visiting (they have the best pretzels.) . It’s a White Ale (very punny..) that pours a hazy golden color. Granted, the cans are so cool that you shouldn’t bother pouring it. It’s got hints of coriander and a light (not overly) yeasty taste. Followed by a powerful citrus taste.

I’d drink this year round bit it’s a tad bit more pricy than I like. Definitely a good saturday night football beer. Go ‘Noles.

5/5 Santas on an Alligator.


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