Beers and Boardgames: Pandemic 2013 / Zombie Killer

Pandemic 2013


I picked this game up under the assumption that it was based on the pandemic series of flash games and was initially disappointed to learn that it was not a game about designing the perfect virus to wipe out humanity (except for Madagascar.) Instead, you are randomly assigned a role as a member of the Center for Disease Control and, with the help of your fellow players, have to discover the cure for 4 worldwide diseases before it’s too late.

  I love cooperative games, probably because I tend to be a bit of a power-gamer and I don’t have to dull my 1337 skills in order to make the game fun for newer players. Pandemic does the Co-Op thing right, and with very little setup you will find yourself emotionally invested in how well your team does.

I’d like to note that this game can be very difficult. It’s incredibly simple to learn, you’ll be playing in about 5 minutes. However depending on which cards are drawn, you can go from turns away from victory to a single turn defeat after just a couple turns. Other times, however, we’ve been able to beat the game (2 player) in about 4 turns. This isn’t a game that you play just once, you’ll likely get about 3 to 4 games per session with this bad boy.

The 2013 edition of Pandemic improves on the admittedly low budget artwork of the original game. The new version has some of the coolest looking maps and game pieces I’ve encountered in a board game.


This is probably my favorite board game of 2013 as of yet. I can’t recommend it enough.


B. Nektar Zombie Killer


Go B’s!

I admit. I picked this up because of the name. The first time I tried it was at The Broken Barrel Tavern (If you’re a local, check ’em out) and it was served in these cute little champagne glasses (and was >8 bucks a drink, if I recall correctly.)

Zombie Killer is a cherry cider blended with a Mead. It’s a light pink/yellow color, and has nearly no head. The flavor is distinctly cider, with a fully cherry body. You can taste the mead and honey and has a wholesome tart cherry/chardonnay finish. As a regular cider drinker, I found this just a tiny bit too sweet for my taste. One other thing that I was surprised about is that this drink has very little carbonation.

The best way to drink this stuff is out of your favorite mug. Don’t skimp on the quantity! I’m sorry, Broken Barrel, I love you guys but the little snifters don’t cut it for me.



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