Beers and Battles: Episode 1

Beers and Battles I

Elder Dragon Highlander (Magic Variant) and Dogfish Head Bitches Brew

Kevin O’Bedlam

One thing that I am passionate about aside from gaming is craft beer. Back in ‘the day’, my buddies and I would have D&D nights and would split a coveted six pack. Though those friends moved on to join the military and other awesome things, we get the old group together on occasion and I never forget to bring the Molsons. Nowadays this tradition hasn’t changed, but my taste in beer has improved greatly.  This series of blog posts will feature both a review of a craft beer and an indie game.


Go Go, Black and Gold.

This week, the beer that we are drinking is Dogfish Head’s yearly batch of Miles Davis Bitches Brew, named after the greatest Jazz Fusion album of all time.  This brew is a mixture of Imperial Stout, and a Honey and Gesho brew, inspired by Tej beer from Ethiopia. The head is a nice dark cream color. It combines dark and light in a very unique style- It begins with a heavy dark chocolate and roasted coffee flavor and ends with notes of caramel and wintergreen(?). It’s a unique flavor that encompasses the chaos of the music it is based on. The coffee/roast flavor it leaves on your tongue is better than most beers alone. Beer snobs will tell me I sullied it by not drinking it out of a snifter, but I can’t help not to drink out of my beloved bruins mug. My punishment for drinking from the mug was that the last quarter was warm and kind of hard to drink.


Elder Dragon Highlander (“EDH” or “Magic Commander”) is a variant of Magic: The Gathering, made for casual group play. Each player’s deck must consist of 99 cards and 1 Legendary Creature as their “Commander” (which can be played at any time). In addition, only one of each card (except for basic land) is allowed. EDH has brought me back to Magic: The Gathering in a big way, and it is designed in such a way that reminds me of the old days of magic- when cards were played not for their viability or efficiency, but for the heck of it. Usually an EDH game gets pretty ridiculous when more than 3 people are playing. Alliances are formed and broken, big combos go off, and a good time is had by all. I’d recommend this game for MTG experts and MTG beginners alike.



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