New Magic: the Gathering Commander Decklists Revealed by Wizards of the Coast

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On November 1st, Wizards of the Coast will release Commander 2013 on the Magic community. There will be five brand new Commander Decks, each fully-fleshed out with 100 cards, creating a deck that’s playable right out of the box. Today Wizards has released the decklists for all five decks, and we can take a look at what we’ll be getting into before the release. Let’s take a look at each decklist and see what’s coming!

First up is Eternal Bargain:

Eternal Bargain MtG

Main Deck

99 cards

1  Arcane Sanctum
1  Azorius Chancery
1  Azorius Guildgate
1  Barren Moor
1  Command Tower
1  Dimir Guildgate
1  Esper Panorama
1  Evolving Wilds
6  Island
1  Jwar Isle Refuge
1  Lonely Sandbar
1  Opal Palace
1  Orzhov Basilica
1  Orzhov Guildgate
9  Plains
1  Rupture Spire
1  Springjack Pasture
9  Swamp
1  Temple of the False God
1  Transguild Promenade

41 lands

1 …

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