Kent finally wins a Warhammer game.

I finally won a game of Warhammer Fantasy; pulled the victory out in the fifth round.  For the battle I played my “Hold the Line” shooty empire army that I have been working on.  I played Max’s tomb King army.  He played a heavy skeleton army to save points for his War Sphinx.  The skeletons are cheap so he had more units than I did.

My Empire army consisted of:

Two Halberdier units and one Greatsword unit; all three had a Warrior Priest and a ten man Hand Gunner detachment.  My army General was a third level Light Wizard on a Luminark of Hysh.  I used only one rare slot and added a Hellblaster.


Max’s Tomb King’s were made up of:

Two skeleton units, one skeleton horde, and a Tomb King unit made up the bulk of his force.  For some hard hitting power he brought a War Sphinx.  For army leaders he brought a level four Liche Priest he placed in the skeleton horde and a level two Priest he laced in a smaller unit.

The first half of the battle went about how both of us expected.  He marched his troops toward me with the War Sphinx coming along my left flank.  I ignored the Sphinx and concentrated my fire on one of his Skeleton units and his Tomb Guard.  The shooting went well for me.  I was able to destroy a unit through shooting (which rarely happens) and thin down his Tomb King unit.  Unfortunately he was able to use magic to resurrect his dead troops in the Tomb guard unit.

The Sphinx was able to attack my flank as I had feared.  The sphinx charged a Halberdier unit on my left flank.  The Halberdiers missed their terror check and ran off the back of the board.  The Hand Gunner detachment and my Wizard were close enough to also have to take a test which they both failed.  The Wizard ran off the back of the board and luckily my Hand Gunners did not make it off the table edge.

The later half of the battle got nasty.  I was afraid the Sphinx would roll up my flank (which Max did) so I charged my remaining Halberdier and Great Swords.  The next round my Great Swords Hand Gunner detachment charged an enemy flank.  The Sphinx wiped out two units of hand Gunners.  While they were getting wiped out my Hellblaster was able to kill the Sphinx after 3 rounds of shooting.

In the middle of the board we had six units in hand to hand combat.  Tomb King skeletons are easy to defeat but the Liche Priest kept bringing them back.  After three rounds of combat and lots of flank attacks I eventually won the combats and won the battle.  The spells from the Warrior Priests and the Great Swords “Really big Swords” made the difference.  One mistake Max made was not removing his General from the skeleton horde.  I was able to wipe out the unit and the General with it which basically won the game for me.

My army worked well for me.  I was able to shoot the enemy units to thin them down a bit, even wiped one out, which helped me win combat resolution and eventually winning the battle.  I thought I lost when the Halberdier unit and my General fled off the table; but my troops were able to hold their own.  The Hellblaster really worked out for me.  Not only was it deadly to the skeletons but it killed the ver dangerous Sphinx.


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