Warmachine – Building Your List

Initiative : Tabletop


Players who are new to Warmachine will most likely pick up a two-player Battle Box, or a starter set for a faction of their choice. These products are great starting points for the game because they come with a read-to-play 15-point army to field. You see, games of Warmachine are played with armies that are built on a point system. Each model costs a certain number of points to field, and players agree on a point threshold to play with. They then build armies to fill the selected number of points, and take their battle to the table. But what’s in building a list? How do you go about building a list that will suit your play style? That’s what we’ll explore here in this guide.

When it comes to list building, first you need to decide what faction you’ll be playing. Most of the time you’ll already have figured…

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