Written Review – Pathfinder Ultimate Campaign

Initiative : Tabletop

Pathfinder Ultimate Campaign Cover

Do you ever find yourself with downtime between adventures in your Pathfinder campaign? Ever wonder how characters use their professions and crafts to actually do things? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to wage war with your own armies from the kingdom you built in a game of Pathfinder? I know I’ve pondered these things, just like many of you. Paizo, the company behind the Pathfinder RPG, has thought of these things too, and they’ve offered players a supplement to explore these very avenues within a game.

To do this, Paizo has released Ultimate Campaign, a supplement to make your downtime between dungeon delves much more interesting. This 253-page hardcover book takes a look at crafting, earning gold, building your own kingdom, and even building armies with which to wage war against other armies in a new style of colossal combat. It’s all here, and we’ll take…

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