HORDES High Command Now Available, Updated FAQ Released

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HORDES High Command

Not too long ago Privateer Press unleashed Warmachine High Command, a deck building game set in the Iron Kingdoms universe. A lot of players sought out the game, with Privateer Press nearly selling out of everything at Gen Con this past year. We’re still working through the kinks in the game, as are many other players, but the overall response has been pretty positive.

Now where there is Warmachine, there has to be HORDES. Following that fact, Privateer Press also released HORDES High Command, and it’s available now. This version of the deck building game sees players taking the roles of warlocks that control powerful beasts rather than warcasters controlling ‘jacks. The game’s rules aren’t any different, and you can play both Warmachine and HORDES High Command together.

Alongside this new release, Privateer Press has added an updated FAQ for the game. Though the FAQ is listed as the…

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