Review: Eccentric Miniatures 13th cent footmen

Eccentric miniatures review


Hello Nerd World Nationals,

This time I have a review of Eccentric miniatures 13th century foot-men. For those who don’t know, Eccentric is a really small company with 1 infantry kit and 1 war machine kit produced so far. From what I’m seeing, these are promising beginings to what could be a successful line.

Sprue/set layout 5/5

As usual, I will start out with the sprue’s layout, or in this case the several sprue layouts.


As you can see, all the sprues in the set (in addition to the extra, buy-by-the-sprue set of mace arms) have generally the same layout. Four quadrants, with four bits each. The sprues are approx 4 inches by 4 inches.

As such, they are very…Symmetric. However, this is not the only reason they get 5/5. Because of their small size, a box of these models is a compact cube, which eliminates or severley curtails breakage. Furthermore it allows for new sprues to be created and swapped for existing ones, thus diversifying the product line and making the footmen models extremely convertible.

Sprue/set Accuracy 4/5

These models are made to represent footmen of the 13th century. During this period vassals of a regional lord (otherwise known as the lords knights/sergeants) generally wore tabards such as those shown. Shield variety is good and displays a mix of styles ranging from heater to kite. Helms as well have a good variety.

In fact, the helmet sprue is probably the best of this kit. Not only is the casting extremely well done (in fact, very little flash overall in the kit) but the join for the torso is relativley flat, and with a little bit of filing these heads will be usable with a range of 28mm historical models.

DSC03542 DSC03543

The box it meant to represent 13th century warriors, but the variety in the helms (including a pot helm) and older style heater shields make this kit somewhat usable for those looking for 12th century knights on foot. I would have liked to see a Spangen-helm, and definitly a spear/pike for scottish warriors, but otherwise choices are acceptable.

Furthermore there is a point to be made about the chainmail. The chainmail sculpting in this set is somewhat different then the usual seen. It is sculpted in a scallop shaped chain instead of the ususal rows of holes with some tweaking. The reason given for this change is that the inspiration for this kit was the tomb Effigy’s (or, in laymans terms, the statues on top of midevial coffins.)

From a historical perspective I see nothing wrong with this. Although the kit has seen some negative comments because of the change, I think it makes the models unique and stand out.

Cost 3.5/5

The kit wieghs in at $16 USD for 16 knights, and if you add in the extra sprue with different maces I was provided, this would be increased to $18 USD base (without shipping.) While definitly not the cheapest models out there (especially with competition from itallian based Fire-Forge games) at $1 dollar per model they are not bad. The only thing that lets these models down is the sculpting on the surcoats, which is somewhat devoid of definition, and the lack of a sculpted belt. While these can be remedied with shrewd painting techniques, they are a factor when looking for good high-mideival models.

Ease of completion 4/5

Simply put the models are easy to put together. Build was very straightfoward, each model has 8 parts, which may seem like a lot. The beauty comes in the fact that the weapon/shield hands are seperate, which allows for large amounts of conversions and openings for new sprues, especially since the torso and legs are fairly generic for the time period.

Overall 4.1/5

Overall the 13th century footmen set is a good kit. Basic, somewhat generic, and slightly beat in terms of sculpting from its competition, but considering said competition has professional funding levels and these models were made by a small (i.e. 2 man or fewer) business they are a good entry in the market.

The abillity to buy sprues seperatly only adds to the kit, as it allows a window to create more options. The extra mace sprue is wonderful, detailing 2 cudgel type maces, a squat flanged mace (vs the original flanged mace on the main weapon sprue) and a maul.

And now, I leave you with something (slightly) different!


Till next time,

Manic Max


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