How to Assemble Wargames Factory SAMURAI

Assembling Wargames Factory Samurai is not difficult but is a little tricky.  In this post I let the pictures do most of the talking.  One of the benefits of WGF models is that they put the inevitable mold lines and cut points in places that are easy to hide.  The only filling I had to do was at the bottom of the feet and on one arm.

The most difficult part is the first step: assembly of the legs to the torsos.  If you glue the legs together you will not be able to attach them to the torso.  It is easiest to first glue one leg and then the other to the torso.




Glue to a base.  After gluing I held the model straight for about 15 seconds.  Add a head.  There are two posts on the side to add swords.


I painted the body before adding the arms.  The weapon will get in the way.


From the picture you can see the arms are attached with a post.  They slide into the body and can be easily adjusted.  When adjusting the arms be sure that the hands are lined up with the torso so that the weapon may be added.  The hands can be pried open so the weapon can fit.  I used the dull side of my modeling knife.  Move the hand.  I moved a models thumb once and it broke off.




Wait an hour to make sure the glue dries then add the weapon.  It should slide right in.

Finish painting and your done.



3 thoughts on “How to Assemble Wargames Factory SAMURAI

  1. Thanks for this post, I had no idea that these things existed; usually I can only find samurai in metal – soooooo many models to buy now! When I have the cash… 🙂

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