Max’s Assault on Normandy Part 1

Greetings Nerd world Nationals!

Today I, Mantic Max, Received my Assault on Normandy boxed set from Warlord Games.  The box is for Warlords game Bolt Action, a popular World War 2 miniature game. I’m excited to have this set, as it will mean that I can show off a great game in demo’s, something I love to do.

As an added bonus, it has one of my favorite armies from history as one of the two factions within, the German Heer (army.) The advanced organization and combat power of the Heer, especially it’s panzer divisions allowed Germany to overwhelm and crush France early in the war.

Naturally I have suspended all other projects so I can focus on getting this set built and painted for demo games as soon as possible. As such, I have decided to write blog posts detailing my progress.

The box comes with 20 Germans and 20 U.S. GI’s as well as a ruined hamlet terrain piece. Currently I have 2 Germans built.

built = 2/40

painted = 0/40

based = 0/40

hamlet = unbuilt.


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