Something Stirs in the South….


It is I, MAN(T)IC Max, here to share with you a teaser for the upcoming Kings of War campaign between myself and Skenticus. We will be playing our first match this Saturday the 20th at 12:00 noon if any would like to come and watch, participate, and learn Kings of War (A fantasy battle game by Mantic Games.)

I will be commanding undead legions, while Skenticus will be invading my territory with his Rimnese (Japanese-esque) Kingdoms of Man army.

Anywho, on with the teaser (copied from a dusty scroll, mind ye)…

Four years it has been, four years since the copper pyramid was made devoid of its covering of sand. Four years since I, Kha’Sebek uncovered and claimed my rightful empire. Four years since M’henkhara was reborn.

I have fought many times since that day, against crusaders from the north, and the foolish elves to the west. All seek to drown the sands in blood and destroy that which I have rebuilt. Through my labors an ancient empire now stands tall, and a Celestian god walks the earth clothed in mortal flesh. Horek’kha has become me, and I him, the living sands of the desert realm I hold kingship over.

And yet, this is not enough. Men from the east, warriors of Rim, now march upon my lands. They claim to be skilled in war, yet do they have to courage, the endurance, the strength to stand against an army that has sworn to defend this desert till the breaking of the world itself?

Only time will tell, and I have eternity to see the question decided.


I will be writing much more background for our campaign in the coming weeks. Who knows, new forces could enter play, and new stories could be made. I invite everyone to come to The Wizards Wall and join us for adventure, battle, and lots of dice rolling!

– Man(t)ic Max


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