SKENTICUS’S SPEED PAINTING: War Of Spanish Succession Infantry.

Here come the Red Coats.  Two weeks ago I posted about my two painting projects: War of Spanish succession and Ancient Romans and Celts.  Romans are done and I am flocking them now.  Celts are mostly done.  I just don’t want to paint them.  I will have to pick a day and sit down and finish the Barbarian’s.

Now I am on to my absolute favorite period of history 18th Century Europe.  Below are my first batch of Officers, NCOs, and characters.  I added the Ashigaru as a preview for a future post.  All models are from Wargames Factory.


Officers.  Pre-assembly: Sword arm, Officer torso,  Arm at side.  As you can see I used different head in assembley.  I decided to use one officer as a Leader Model for my Grenadier unit and the Bare Head as a Line Unit Leader.  In the rules system War and Conquest the leader model is very important for measuring.

003 Image

Banners are awesome: helps identify the leader and looks cool.  Two poses for the Standard Bearer.  The Line Trooper is using two hands.  When i assembled the Line Standard Bearer I glued first the lower arm.  When the lower arm dried I added the upper arm.   When gluing the upper arm I looked at the model head down so I could line up the hands to accurately hold the banner.  The Grenadier needed a hand free so he could throw a Grenade.  I love the fact that the kit has arms with grenade in hand.005Image

Drummers.  First I am painting the Drummers and then I will add the arm with the drum.  The drum will get in the way of part of the torso paint job.001Image

For the heck of it I added a Grenadier NCO.  Throwing a Grenade of course.


Next step finish legs and hats then it’s to highlights and washes.


Troops are easy to assemble: pick a head and glue it on.  Below i went with the standard Tri-Corner hat.


The first part of painting has been easy.  I used Citdael paints for the following: Mepheston Red on the uniform and hat, Bugmans Glow on the flesh, Averland Sunset for trim, and Zandri Dust for leggings.

When i paint up a unit I do so for a unit of 20.  King’s of war uses 20 and War and Conquest 18 models per unit.  Both rule system use the leader model as a focal point.  I always use an officer model next to a banner bearer to make it easy for my opponent to identify.  I love Wargames Factory.  With one box a player can assemble 36 models of various unit types as well as officers, drummers, standard bearers, and NCOs.  Check our webstore for the various bits that are included.


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