RONIN New Skirmish Game From Osprey


The creator of Ronin, by Osprey Publishing, wanted to create a skirmish game that has the feel of the movie Seven Samurai and is historically accurate.  His goal is to create a rich campaign world that players can first start a faction and then grow the faction with additional skills and equipment.   Little info on the rules but it sounds promising.


                Ronin initially releases with 4 factions or Buntai: Monks, Bandits, Bushi, and Koryu.  A large selection of point based skills and equipment allow players to make each character different.  Campaign rules allow the characters to grow as the campaign continues.  Players can later augment their factions with Ronin, Ninjas, and wandering Martial Arts Masters.

                Combat seems very original.  Each character has a set of black and white counters that make a combat pool.  During combat players use the counters for offense and defense but lose some due to injury.  The tactics lend themselves to how much to attack with but still have some defense.  The initial factions are 28mm metal from North Star Military Figures and can be supplemented with models from Wargames Factory Rising Sun line.

                Release date is August 2013.  Here at the Wizard’s Wall we are already building our forces and will be giving demos when the game is released.

                I built a Bushi Bantai of 2 Bowmen, 1 hand gunner, 2 pikemen, 2 Samurai with Katana, One Master Samurai w/ naginata (glaive) using Wargames Factory’s Samurai, Yari, and Ashigaru troop boxes.



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