MotW: Repo The Genetic Opera

Repo The Genetic Opera


Kevin O’Hell’No

Talk about movies that bombed on release. This straight to netflix release starring the girl from spy kids and the dude from Goodfellas (not DeNiro, the fat one) and Paris Hilton. Repo the Genetic Opera is a stylized goth opera set in a cyberpunk future that tells the old ‘repossessing organs’ thing with a medical fetish twist. Oh, and it’s a musical.

Turned off yet? Don’t be, it’s an industrial metal musical with just about as much gore as your typical horror movie, and maybe a bit more. Ever seen a man sing opera while pulling out intestines? I have.

I can see why this movie bombed on Rotten Tomatoes, it’s not everyone’s thing. But it’s got enough catchy songs, a good plot, and cool enough imagery to make it worth a rainy afternoon.

Oh and Paris Hilton’s face falls off, I swear to god.


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