Trollbloods Mountain King Review and Tactica

Trollbloods Mountain King Review and Tactica


Kevin O’Bedlam


Above all the other colossals and gargantuans, the Mountain King has gotten the most flack in reviews. I’m the kind of guy who reads the reviews after he makes a big purchase in a poor attempt to justify things, so that was a double letdown. However I’ll be as open minded with this thing as possible. In addition, I’ve got Bruce just about painted, but I don’t want to show him off until every last bit is polished.
The mountain king is one imposing model. He’s not as tall as some of the other giants but he’s wide as all heck. The miniature itself is gorgeous, and even pictures don’t do it justice. The quality of resin sculpting is out of this world, and each mountain king is a testament to the quality of product PP puts out. He assembles just fine, the little chains can be painful, and my resin was a little bit warped from the FL heat, causing some things to attach awkwardly and require some sculpting of my own, which was a pain. Like all other resin models, keep him out of the sun. Light heat and sunlight caused his torso to come unglued and I’ve got another 2 or 3 hours of work on my hands to fix that warping.
This thing is sturdy. On day I was taking him out of my car and he slipped from my case, dropping between my knees and the car door. Bruce took no damage, my car did however. Expect to spend a great deal of time painting him. No lies here, he’s a project and a half (but worth it!)
Nobody’s here for me to tell them that Privateer makes cool models though. Yes, the king can be a bit of a points sink for the trollbloods. He won’t work well in every list, and almost requires you to tailor a list around him. At 19 armor, he does well with a unit of Krielstone Bearers, even better with an elder. Janissa is always a good choice and you may want to consider bringing Whelps on the field besides the ones he drops. He works best with Borka or eDoomshaper, both of them round out some of his flaws. For the points, I’d rather take Mulg and another option in 90% of my lists.
He’s a fun option during casual games, it’s just the problem is he doesn’t fill gaps. The Cryx Kraken, Stormwall, etc, all compliment their armies perfectly, Bruce is just another hard hitting troll. There’s no need to fret though, he’s got his benefits. The spray is nice, but I’ve yet to find myself in range and not wanting to charge (especially with eDoomswagger’s goad.) Welp Shedding rocks. That’s where he gets his name from, Bruce Dies Hard and leaves a lot of sequels (har har har). He will die in most games you take him. If you’ve got a Krielstone, you can expect him to leave behind 7 to 10 whelps consistently, so in reality Bruce only costs you somewhere between 16 and 18 points.


Hit stuff.
Bonus points for Krielstone aura.


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