Comic Review: The Manhattan Projects (Image)

The Manhattan Projects

Reviewed by Kevin O’Bedlam


“We hide our most important lies under a more tolerable one: ‘That the Manhattan Project is a research and development program tasked with building, and deploying, the world’s first atomic bomb.’ I assure you Doctor Oppenheimer… the truth is, we are working on much more interesting things”

Remember that kid in school who would always spout those nonsensical conspiracy theories about how the government had recovered the Spear of Longinus, or how WW2 was actually a psychic war? Well.. probably not, we likely went to different schools. Either way, Manhattan Projects is the culmination of every ridiculous conspiracy theory bundled up into one thing. Call me a fanboy (I am) but part of me wishes Grant Morrison had gotten onto this book, because thematically it feels like The Invisibles told from the perspective of the bad guys.

MP is set during World War 2 and follows a number of historical figures (Oppenheimer being one of them) through a conspiracy theorist’s waking nightmare of mad science. Honda is building Kamikaze robots, Oppenheimer has an evil twin, and so on.

The writing is spot on, and while the plot can be a bit dodgy at times, the dialogue is funny and each page makes you want to see what the next has to hold. I usually don’t laugh out loud during reading, but this book made me do so on many occasions. If sheer ridiculousness is your game, you’ll like this book.

The one thing I didn’t like about it was the art. I think the series would have done well to have a more realistic style to it, but they went with a somewhat cartoony feel to it instead. I understand the decision, and the artist (Nick Pitarra) kills it when it comes to two page spreads and high density pictures.

This one won’t be going on my subscriptions list, but the trade is worth a buy.


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