Project: Building an X-Wing Board (Part 1)

Building an X-Wing Board (Part 1)

Darth Bedlam

Alright. If you’ve got some experience in playing X-Wing that’s great, but it’s not necessary for this tutorial. These boards should work with any space battle game.

X-Wing is a game that allows for oddly shaped tables. It doesn’t necessarily adhere to the classical gaming trope of 4×6. The book suggests a 3×3′ table, but recommend players experiment on their own. That’s why I decided to make my gaming table modular as to allow for any number of shapes. The solution for this? Hardboard.


Hardboard is perfect for this project. It’s got some weight and thickness to it, it won’t really break, and it’s cheap as dirt. Hardboard and Masonite are effectively the same thing. I’m not a tool guy, and that’s probably horribly inaccurate, but as far as I know you can use either. Perhaps you could find a type of hardboard with two smooth sides, which is what I will be looking for on my trip to the store.

Home Depot is good about cutting things to size for you. You should be able to get enough masonite for less than $10, but remember to get a few extras so you can change the board up every time you play.


Back in my hoodlum days, I could have gone on a long tirade about the differences between Rustolium and Krylon, and why you should be using Ironlak spray paint instead. Those days are behind me. Anyways, buy some spray paint. At least a black and a white. Oranges and Yellows will be good for lighting effects, browns and greys for asteroids. Perhaps some other colors for nebulae.

The idea here is that I’ll be doing a variation of the classic cheesy 90s ‘space painting‘ on these boards. I’ll likely include a number of asteroids for obstacles and such.


I used to use this technique to make fancy dancy wheely boards back in the day. That’s Jim Morrison if anybody’s keeping score.

With the wonders of the youtubes, you can learn how to do those cheesy space paintings in a matter of minutes. I’ll be doing a video tutorial later on this week.


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