Comic Review: Image’s Bedlam


Reviewed by O’Bedlam


Some things in life were meant to be. A few months ago, my fiance was in our local comic store and stumbled upon the first issue of Bedlam. She picked it up for me on a whim because I go by the last name O’Bedlam on the internets. I let this comic sit on the shelf for a while and was honestly not tempted to read it.

When I did read it, however, I was more than impressed. The art is what makes this book, but the story is definitely more than solid. For me to reveal any details about the plot would spoil the fun of the first couple books, so all I can say is this; It follows an insane guy. It’s set in a vaguely ‘Batman’ universe with analogues of most of the popular characters populating it. The artwork looks like it was drawn by a criminally insane person.

Unfortunately, the artist quit around issue 5 and they just picked another one up. I’ll make my next review about that particular artist’s take on the story.

5/5 for the first few books.


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