Comic Review: Bedlam # 7

Bedlam # 7

Reviewed by Kevin O’Bedtime


Unless you’re going through the archives, you’ve probably noticed that I just posted a review of Bedlam 1-6 on the front page about 45 minutes ago. During those 45 minutes, I realized that the new Bedlam was out (after a 3 month wait), did a spit take, cleaned the Mountain Dew from my monitor and drove to my Local Comic Store to pick it up. This book sold like mad, I was lucky enough to get the last copy that had somehow managed to be hiding behind My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (Don’t ask.)

Anyhow, onto the review! Riley Rossmo was the artist behind Bedlam up until a few months ago when he had ‘creative differences’ with the writer, Nick Spencer. Image gave him the boot and signed Ryan Browne up for the book. Weird move by the former artist, as this book has been gaining traction like crazy over the past 4 months. I had never heard of Ryan Browne so I googled him an found his tumblr which suggests that he’s one of those super talented indie guys that hadn’t quite made it into the major leagues until now.

I almost feel bad for what I’m about to say, but I’ll say it anyways. I wish he didn’t sign onto Bedlam. It’s not that I dislike his art, it’s that I dislike how he will have to emulate the art of the former artist. It’s not that the art is bad, it just feels like he’s painting with another artist’s aesthetic. Contrived, so to speak. I don’t blame anyone for this, the art made Bedlam, and to change it would have ruined the book. With that said, Bedlam’s not ruined. The art is still good.

Issue 7 is beginning a whole new story arc, and one of the most exciting books I’ve read this month in terms of story. It’s got one of those slap-you-in-the-face endings that justify’s my $3.99 (when did they get so expensive?) a month.

The trade’s out, so for less than the cost of a back alley vasectomy, you’ll be caught up and I guarantee you’ll be glad that you did.

Image, I hope you keep this one around for a great deal of time.

As for my comic reviews, I’m going to be reviewing newer series once they get 5 to 10 issues in. For books I keep up with on a month-to-month basis, I’ll be doing a monthly comic recap.


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