Comic Review: Young Avengers (Marvel, 2013)

Young Avengers (Marvel, 2013)

Reviewed by Kevin O’Bedlam


Here’s a checklist for you, dear blog reader. Is it a business day? Is it between the hours of 12 and 6? Do you have at least $20.00 USD in your pocket? Is there a comic book store in your area?

If so, you need to drive/fly/teleport to that comic book store and buy up the first six issues of Young Avengers. It’s that good.

Young Avengers is a super hero comic for the tumblr generation. If that’s not your demographic, don’t let that scare you away. It’s incredibly well written and complex, and full of relevant banter/pop culture references.

The first story arch just ended, and while it was a little hard to follow due to most of the team being magic-user types. I love the new perspectives on some classic marvel characters. Hawkeye is a girl, Wiccan and Hulkling are angsty lovers, Loki is just a kid and lacks (most) of the evilness that you’d expect out of him, and so on. Miss America is shaping up to be an interesting addition as well.

If you’re not into ‘weird’ comics (then why are you reading reviews from a guy who’s name is a reference to The Invisibles?) you may not dig this book. There’s a great deal of 4th-wall breaking and strange chaos-magic type occurrences, including a fantastic scene where the characters find themselves running through several pages of empty comic book frames.

It’s on my monthly subscription list, and I usually finish reading it at stop lights while I’m driving home from the comic book store. It’s that good and it’s just starting.


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