Image’s Nowhere Men (1-6) Comic Review

Image’s Nowhere Men (1-6) Comic Review

Kevin O’Bedlam


“Science is the new Rock and Roll!”

If you had asked me a few weeks ago, I would have said “Nowhere Men? That comic is going Noooooowhere” and then laughed at my own unclever joke like the cretin that I am. I can’t make that joke anymore, because the last two issues have been killer and have progressed the plot immensely, in that, us readers finally know what the book is about. It was that convoluted.

Nowhere Men centers around the heads of an organization called World Corp. Formerly best of friends, some catastrophic Jobs & Wozniack event happened and they parted ways to some degree. The book jumps between the past and the ‘current’ to tell the sometimes boring story of these four dudes. The book also focuses on a group of scientists that were hit with some sort of disease that’s clearly giving them awesome super powers. It has a weird tempo, and I find myself wanting to skip the dialogues.

If you’re looking for a reason to buy this book, that reason is the art. It’s some of the most phenomenal art I’ve seen, and it’s unique and minimalistic. The art alone kept me buying this book when the plot had seemed to dry up. There’s clearly a great deal of collaboration between the artist and the writers, you’ll notice tiny details on each page that will likely get brought up in the future and make you say ‘aha!’.

One of the coolest things about this book is the tiny details. If you’re into well sculpted settings, give Nowhere Men a try. It’s obvious that the writers have a direction, and while moving there slowly, there’s intent. It gives me a great sense of ‘I just want to live in this world’ when I’m reading it.

Image has been killing it lately, and Nowhere Men is no exception. From issue to issue it moves kinda slow, but it’s worth buying monthly for the heavier stock paper (as opposed to the trade, which will likely lose some resolution and clarity in the artwork). The art is that good.


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