Grant Morrison’s Happy! (1-4)

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Twilight Sparkle we have to save Pegasus Village!

Grant Morrison’s Happy! (1-4) (2013)

I’d like to preface this review by saying that I’m a Grant Morrison fanatic. I’m that guy who stands around the comic book store waiting for someone to bad mouth Final Crisis just so I can start spilling out a rant about how Grant Morrison is beyond the need for plot and structure. With that said, I will try to be as objective as possible with my review of Happy!

Happy is a mini series, only 4 books. I’m pretty sure I saw that they put out a trade (of course, if you can find the actual issues, buy them up!) It’s a hard-boiled noir tale full of enough swears and deviant sex to make Jack Kirby not want to leave the house any more. The only difference, of course, is Happy, the whimsical blue cartoon horse sidekick. I bet you thought I was kidding.

It falls somewhere between the old trope of ‘gritty always-raining noir tale of redemption’ and the classic Grant Morrison trope of ‘I took a bunch of LSD before writing this comic’.  However if

you’re looking for a dialogue on the works of Aleister Crowley or obscure references to Zoroastrianism, you won’t find much in this book. It’s actually relatively NORMAL for a Morrison book, and no matter how much I love The Invisibles, Happy! seems like a breath of fresh air, and perhaps a way for Morrison to tell us that there’s no way he’s out of stories to tell.

My only criticism is that it tries way too hard to be gritty. The first few pages involve hookers, sexual favors, hammer-wielding serial killers and swearing in front of nuns and they set the tempo for the rest of the book.

I’ll give it a B+.

and now apparently they’re making this thing into a movie, directed by RZA, because RZA directs everything now. Wu-Tang? Morrison? They’re blending some of my favorite things.


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