The Wombat’s Project Blueprints


By Rabid Wombat




Like everyone else on this blog, I’m posting a list of upcoming projects that I’m working on. This is going to break down into two major categories: A 40k Space Marines all comers list build, and a second build featuring the Eisenkern models being developed from the DreamForge Games Kickstarter. A loosely related series of conversion and hobby help articles will round out my main thrust. This exercise is supposed to let readers understand what each of us collaborators are up to, and to get us focused on intermediate content goals.



No, it’s not going to be an Ultramarine Successor.



Why am I doing Space Marines? Simple, they are the baseline army in 40k. No matter how you feel about Games Workshop, they are the 800 pound gorilla in the room, and that probably isn’t going to change anytime soon. With the expected drop of the new Space Marine codex at the end of the year, I want to get a leg up on a basic force, which can be supplemented by whatever new toys come out. I’m going to try do do as many “counts as” units or simple conversions as possible, with the intention of making it all look cohesive while giving it a distinctive feel.



You will be seeing these again soon.



I’m impressed by the Eisenkern models being put out by DreamForge, which are also available through WarGamesFactory. I’m one of the last people to fanboy, but from packaging to individual detail, these models seem to be the real deal. As a long time Sisters of Battle 40k fan, I took one look at the Stormtroopers and thought “Inquisition”. These guys are going to pull double duty: I’ll have a force ready when the DreamForge rules drop, and I’ll have a set of Inquisitorial Stormtroopers to support the Sisters when (please Emperor) they are supposed to get some love in the near future. We will see if Stormtroopers get reintegrated into the Sister’s Codex, or I have to use an Imperial Guard ally list to simulate it. Look for my unboxing posts in the near future.




Along the way, I’ll show you my screw ups and the occasional “Eureka!” moments that hopefully will even it all out. The agony of defeat (mostly mine) will also be on display, along with the gleeful antics of the rest of the staff here at Nerd World Nation (again, probably mostly at my expense). Expect me to dig through the old memory vaults and reminisce about the good old days (which in my gaming life, extends to before Unearthed Arcana managed to break the original Advanced Dungeons and Dragons), with a couple of tips and tricks that may help you enjoy your own hobbies a bit more.



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