Skenticus’s Weekend Painting

I got a lot of painting done this weekend:

Romans assembled, primed and ready to paint.  My goal is to have them done by end of the week for my game with Captain Swing.


To speed up the painting process I paint 5 models at a time.  For the Romans below I first painted the flesh of all 5 Romans, then armor, and boot first.  See future post as I speed paint two boxes of Roman Legionaries.


I am almost finished with three Roman Cavalry models.  When I do a new kit I always first assemble and paint 2 or 3 models in order to develop a paint scheme, find mold lines, and figure out any tricks to assembly, etc.  Next paint jobs will be much better.  When assembling Roman Cavalry first assemble the horse body, then put the saddle on, horse head last.  The saddle was difficult to put on when the head was already attached. 



Almost done with 10 Celts from Warlord’s Celt Warband.



I hope to have these done by Wednesday.  I first paint the body and arms on the sprue.  During assembly I glue the lower torso to the base and then work my way up: upper torso, arms, head, extras such as pouches or scabbards, next any weapons.  After I finish the entire model I add the shield.  I like to paint the shield first and then attach it to the model.  If you add the shield before painting you may run into some problems.

I have been working on different flesh techniques and I am very please with how the Celts look so far.  Using GW paints, I first put on a base coat of Bugman’s Glow and then highlight with Ungor flesh.  I then add a wash of Agrax Earthshade over all flesh.  It is best to wait about three hours for the wash to dry and then put on another highlight of Ungor Flesh.  I like how the models currently look but I can make them look better.  Maybe a highlight of Kislev Flesh.  We will have to see in my next post.




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