Q-Workshop Warmachine Dice

Q-Workshop Warmachine Dice

Kevin O’Bedlam

Okay, call me the biggest mark in the world, but I just bought these Q-Workshop dice.


They retail for $18, you can get em at our LGS for  $14 bucks and some change, but still that equates to a little more than $2.00 a dice. Why the heck would I do that? Well, friendo, let me tell you. These things are engraved, not stickered. Those tiny little details are actually in the dice, which is ridiculously cool.  Of course, they match the color scheme of your chosen faction, which automatically makes them roll better. Q-Workshop offers a lifetime warranty on these (and I think all of their products) which covers scratching, flaking and things of that nature. However they don’t cover curses and get really mad when you call and ask that.

Of course, though, the main reason to get these dice is because they look better than your opponent’s dice. It’s the psych out factor. That dude across the table? He spent more on his dice than I did on my warcaster. That’s dedication!




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