Captain Swing’s Current Projects

For the purposes of these articles my name is Captain Swing. In this installment I will be laying out what I am currently working on. Future updates will show my progress and setbacks, the frabjous triumphs and the wailing and gnashing of teeth. Buckle in and lets get started on this ride.

My primary project at the moment is the assembling, painting, and learning how best to utilize a Menoth army for the game Warmachine by Privateer Press. Assembly for these models is fairly straight forward, particularly since I am using quite a few of Privateers’ older, solid state metal figurines. The newer resin models are not to difficult, but with some of the more complex Jacks the lack of directions can be a little wearisome. Painting has been more troublesome for me as I have not set a brush to a model in 6 or 7 years. I find that I am having to relearn many techniques I once took for granted. Lastly, learning how to utilize my force effectively. I have played three battles at this time, losing all three. Crushing to the ego certainly, but in my defence my learning curve is progressing adequately and I feel certain of a victory before to much longer.

The second project I am embarking on is assembling, converting, and painting the new line of Shock Troops from Wargames Factory. These models are in the 28mm “heroic” scale. They are perfectly compatible with a certain other futuristic tabletop wargame that shall remain nameless in order to avoid lawsuits over intellectual property rights.( My finger is alongside my nose right now). The work on this project is in its’ very early stages yet. Suffice it to say that the Shock Troops look a lot like World War I trench fighters and could very easily “count as” guardsmen or traitor legions. I have high hopes for these models after some simple conversions and some paint.

That’s it in a nutshell for the moment. Future installments will include pictures documenting my progress or regress. Comments are always welcome and some might even be graced with replies.

Stay Tuned……….

the Captain


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