Bedlam’s Big Bad Warmachine Summer, part 1

Bedlam’s Big Bad Warmachine Summer

A number of gamers at the LGS have expressed interest in starting Warmachine, which is great cause we’ve got a giant group of new players to start fresh armies. With the store’s Trollbloods just about finished and painted (minus a couple coats of paint), I thought I’d start a new project. This time it’s more of a humanitarian effort, in a sense. I wanted to start a couple smaller armies for locals to learn to play on. The Battlegroup boxes were the obvious place to start with these, cause it wouldn’t hurt my budget too badly. I threw together a Scyrah battlegroup and slapped some paint on them last week (Man are they ever hard to paint! Mine look horrible!). This week I’ll be making a Cygnar battlegroup that will eventually become a 25ish point army thanks to us having an abundance of OOP cygnar stuff in the bargin bin.


I forgot my ADD meds before I drove to the LGS today.

But since I like to do things extravagantly, I decided to make this an (40k) Ork Looted Cygnar army. These plastics in the Battlegroup are perfect for conversions. Crazy? Of course. It’s in my blood.


One of these guys will have a good number of bits for my heavy jacks.


and some of these duders, of course!

The centerpiece of the army, undoubtedly, will be the warcaster. I’m thinking I’ll be doing a converted weirdboy dressed up like eCaine


Think Him, just more green and even more dakka.


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