Kevin O’Bedlam’s Long List of Projects

Kevin O’Bedlam’s Long List of ProjectsSo a couple of weeks ago, I would have been considered a gung-ho WarmaHordes player. The sight of inferior game systems would make my skin hiss and bubble and my Page-5 inspired rants would turn away my fellow gamers faster than a bearded grognard preaching about the wonders of thac0. I kid, of course, but my point remains.
Then something occurred. My fiance (who plays Circle Orboros) was looking into Flames of War. She’s a big WW2 nut (has a B-29 Superfortress tattooed on her arm, no joke) and wanted to simply paint some tanks. So I snagged a copy of Achtung! and silently prayed that this wouldn’t turn into something expensive.


So Friday night was spent assembling and painting our tanks, three Sherman V’s and two German StuG G’s. I picked up the rules and gave them a perusal. It didn’t take long for me to realize how elegant of a system Flames of War really is. It’s not bogged down with magic charts or drawn out rulings on specific types of rivets on specific tanks. It’s fairly straight forward but historical enough for the longbeards.

So I set my sights upon making two store armies, small in points but enough to really sink our teeth into the game system. I grabbed the Hell’s Highway supplement, which provides rules for late war battles in the vicinity of Market Garden. Using that book, I haphazardly picked up a company of British Sherman V’s (which comes with a Firefly VC ), a squad of British Paratroopers (Which at the moment I’m going to proxy as Rifle/MG teams for the sake of historical accuracy), and a company of Fallschirmjager. This levels out to be about 800 points of Germans and a very flexable 800 points of British (offering options like switching out tanks with PIATs and Mortar Teams. I can even take a full company of Sherman V’s). Gramps was in the Canadian Army so I’m painting up my British tanks with Canadian flags cause history.


So keep an eye out for that.

On the WarmaHordes front, I’ve mostly got my entire army painted with the exceptions of a couple small squads. I’ll be picking up another Dire Troll with the intention of showing y’all how to rip the system and make a Dire Troll with interchangable parts using the magic of magnets! We’ll be playing a ton of games and bringing the best ones to you(tube) for your(tube) viewing pleasure. Also, with the store’s Trollblood army hitting 50 points, I’m going to be adding a Mountain King and another small unit to make it 75!


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