Infantry for the War of Spanish Succession

My favorite historical era for wargaming is Black Powder.  When I saw Wargames Factory had a line of models for the War of Spanish Succession I became very excited: my favorite period and my favorite line of miniatures.  I picked up a box of Horse and Musket, War of Spanish Succession Infantry and was amazed at the quality of the models, the variety for the low cost of 36 models for $20.00.  All the great bits make it an even better deal.

                When opening the box one can’t help but be amazed by the variation you get from just one of the twelve identical sprues.  The War of Spanish Succession is not the only era covered.  The models can be used for Seven Years War, American Revolution, War of Austrian Succession etc.  Plus, there are four heads with floppy hats that can be used for Musketeer style armies.

wss inf floppy hat heads

                Assembling the models is very easy.  Each sprue has two infantry torsos taking a small step with rifle at the shoulder.  All you have to do is put the head on.  The heads are the best part of the kit.  There are 6 tri corner hat heads,  4 grenadier miter helmet heads ( two different style helmets), a bare head, the 4 heads I mentioned above, and even a head with a Bear Fur helmet.  This allows the construction of line troops, Grenadiers, skirmishers, or pretty much any unit from the time or one you want to create yourself.

                                                  wss inf bear fur caps                                              wss inf bare heads

                The sprue allows one to make one more model.  Supplied is one lower torso and 4 armless upper torsos; one being an officer torso.    There are bits to make an officer, a drummer, an NCO, standing at attention or standing firing the rifle.   Arms are provided to grip the extra swords, slung rifle, NCO pike, one hand is even holding a Grenade.   I plan on assembling the two complete torsos with tri corner heads and the separated model into Grenadiers throwing grenades.  The little boy in me wants models that throw things that go boom.

                                For bits there is a large selection due to the .  We cut the bits so collectors could customize their army to the time period and style they prefer.  We put the heads into 5 different groups: Tri corn heads, bare heads, grenadier heads, Ber fur heads, and Floppy hat heads.   The upper torso we split into two: Officer torso w/ sash, and the three various tosos.  For simplicity we put all the Slung rifles together, the arms w/ swords, Arm w/ Rifle at the side, Firing arms.  I split the last of the arms into one groups with the Grenade and the rest varied.  I am debating if we should sell bits that is just one officer, or just one drummer.  Please comment with an opinion.

                Overall it is a great kit.  One of the best WGF has released.  Everything fits together well, a variety of troops and time periods are available.  If one wishes to build a specific style army the bits are there to customize with.


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