Easy-Mode Basing 101

Easy-Mode Basing 101

by The Good Doktor O’Bedlam

I used to never base my models, in fact, it was a rare thing to see folks base their models. When I started the hobby, years ago, at the ripe age of 9 or something, I recall getting some flock and ruining a Space Marine tactical squad despite the warnings of my friendly LGS employee. After that incident, I just left my bases untouched. Upon getting into Warmahordes (and ultimately back into miniature wargaming in general) I wanted to take a fresh look at the hobby and relearn some of the things that passed me up. I got some modelling snow (Gale Force 9 all the way!) and once again made my khador models look goofy. A couple hours of work and they looked a bit more reasonable, but it was disheartening at first. So with these trollbloods, I decided to read everything I could find about basing and then make a quick (and cheap!) guide on the subject.

2013-04-20 19.41.21

So here are my bases on a lovely floral print plate. If you take note, I added small patches of greenstuff to most of them. This just creates a slightly raised ground effect when we’re done. It’s not immediately noticeable but after a glance creates an unobtrusive illusion of scenery.

2013-04-20 19.48.27

For slotted bases, you want to cover up those slots with masking tape. When you put your slotted models back on, you’d do well to clip off most of that slot and just have ‘pins’ for the feet.

2013-04-20 19.52.13

Get one of those old modelling brushes that you don’t use anymore and apply your glue. It’s just elmers glue mixed with about 10% water.

2013-04-20 19.52.25

Place into your breadcrumbs GF9 Hobby Round.

2013-04-20 19.53.41

This is the finished result! I like to work with multiple types of basing/flock because I feel that it creates a much more realistic look.

2013-04-20 19.55.09

So apply some more glue.

2013-04-20 19.55.50

and repeat with another type of flock. This time, I used a burnt grass/dirt fora badlands look for my trollbloods.

       2013-04-20 20.15.24

Here’s the finished result!


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