Cpt. Swing vs O’Bedlam Battle Report! 4/30

Cpt. Swing vs O’Bedlam Battle Report

We’re both relatively new to the privateer system, but we couldn’t hold off putting our armies to the test. Please excuse any flagrant rules violations or strategic goofs (for the moment. Feel free to flame the comments section next time!)

2013-04-18 15.29.24

Here’s O’Bedlam’s trolls. He’s got a Gunnbjorn, a Troll axer and a Dire Troll Bomber. Perhaps not the best list to exploit Gunnbjorn’s abilities but time will tell..

2013-04-18 15.29.38

and Cpt. Swing’s Menoth. He’s got a Kreoss, a Redeemer, a Crusader and a Revenger.

2013-04-18 15.34.19

The Board..

2013-04-18 15.36.54

Trollblood Starting Area.

2013-04-18 15.38.22

Menoth starting area.

2013-04-18 15.38.33

Turn 1- Trolls

2013-04-18 15.42.51

A simple run for all my models.

Turn 1 Menoth

2013-04-18 15.51.30

Another run!

Turn 2 Trolls

2013-04-18 16.08.54

Gunnbjorn uses his snipe ability on my troll bomber who tosses two bombs to great effect, hitting everything but Swing’s redeemer. The axer advances into the woods.

Turn 2 Menoth

2013-04-18 16.18.38

Swing’s jacks make quick work of my Bomber with a charge. The redeemer fires a pop shot but it falls short.

Turn 3 Trolls

2013-04-18 16.23.35

The axer charges in to the melee but it’s all for not, for Gunnbjorn uses his snipe ability on himself and casterkills Kreoss. Victory Trollbloods!


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