4/30 Painting Tutorial/Showcase “Trollbloods Dire Troll Bomber!”

4/30 Painting Tutorial/Showcase “Trollbloods Dire Troll Bomber!”

with Kevin O’Bedlam

We’ve all been hard at work the last couple weeks painting models! This is a recent one that I did last saturday while enjoying my picks from Record Store Day.   (Flaming Lips ‘Oh My Gawd’ on clear vinyl, if anyone was curious.) Anyhow I’ll make it short and sweet.


There’s the troll bomber. Primed him (and the rest of my trollbloods) white. Priming white allows for brighters colors to show through. Some painters never prime white, because black or even dark grey primer hides mistakes and gives a ‘battleworn’ look to models, but white is the way to go with these bright looking trollbloods! It never hurts to pick up some brush primer in addition to your spray primer, cause you find all kinds of extra flash and nonsense once you prime.


Base coated the flesh in Citadel lothern blue. Citadel colors are by far my favorite paints as of yet. I’ll be doing a review of Mantic paints coming up soon when they come in the mail, however. Accuracy isn’t important during the base coat, it just gets color onto the model.


I got a bit overzealous and went ahead and shaded that lothern blue with Citadel (shade) Drakenhorn Nightshade, which is a shade with a blue hue. You always want to find a shade that compliments the hue of your paints. Flesh usually works best with a brown or red hue, but my trollbloods are definitely the exception to the rule.


Dropped some knowledge on this bad boy and finally got around to basing the rest of the model. I based the flames a reddish orange (Jokero Orange, I think) and used Leadbelcher on the armor. In this picture, you can obviously see some spots that I’ll be going back and correcting (namely the hands, barrels and feet)


Drybrushed the flesh with Citadel Skink Blue, drybrushed the hands, flames and face with Apple Barrel yellow and drybrushed the metallic with a silver color. I also went ahead and drybrushed a bit of pink onto some of the more muscly bits on the troll model and did a simple base.


Here’s an action shot against my lovely fiance‘s Orboros Woldwarden. She ended up winning that battle.


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