O’Bedlam’s Trollbloods Part 2: Building!

O’Bedlam’s Trollbloods Part 2: Building!


So I sat down today and took a few moments to build my new army. I can’t help but to assemble my models immediately after I get them. I hear that some folks will prime their figs on the sprue (or otherwise) or even paint them before assembling, but I have the bad habit of diving right into building them. This time, however, I didn’t glue them to the base. I always dive into gluing them onto the base before flocking/basing just so I can start playing but this time, I meant business!


Here’s a shot of Gunnbjorn commanding his warbeasts!


A few things I wanted to point out in this shot. The first was a minor conversion I did on the Troll Bomber- I used the arm bit usually intended for the Blitzer in order to have his right arm be closer to himself. Then I attached the powderkeg. I wanted to do a bit of dynamic posing with that model, and the flames coming off the powderkeg wick were a perfect place to do so- the left one is obviously being thrown, while the right one is facing away from him as if he is breathing on it (I said ‘blowing out the birthday candles’). The next thing I wanted to point out was the similarities in the quality of detail in both the metal and the resin figs. Click the picture to enlarge and take a look up close!


There are a few places that I intend to greenstuff (seams and whatnot) before priming. I’ll write a little mini-guide on how to easily close seams in a matter of minutes using just green stuff and water. I was disappointed with how poorly the back piece fit up with his front piece (you can see the seam on both his belt and his lower back. It’s much more apparent in person.)


Another thing I am going to do is bore holes in the Scattergunner’s gun barrels. I’ve never done this with models but have always wanted to. Perhaps I’ll use some green stuff to add smoke and fire effects to a couple. I’d also like to add a bit of smoke coming off of the leader’s cigar (as seen on the left hand side of the picture). Also I wanted to point out that I did another very minor conversion onto the Scattergunners. The heads were fitted to specific body molds, but I liked the way the goggles head looked on the model (in the middle) as opposed to the model it was intended for. Turns out a bit of clever posing and patience in gluing resulted in being able to apply these heads without the use of any epoxy.

That’s it for this time, kids. I’ll be making a mini update with the application of green stuff and the priming, since both of those things aren’t terribly interesting. Then comes the fun (tedious) part! Painting!


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