O’Bedlam’s Trollbloods Part 2.5 – How To Seal Seams With GreenStuff

O’Bedlam’s Trollbloods Part 2.5 – How To Seal Seams With GreenStuff!

A problem that I often run into with metal and resin figs is the abundance of seams (where two pieces fit together). Privateer has come up with a few clever ways to combat this, and you’ll often see models wearing things like bracers or platemail that happens to end at a seam, in order to mask it. However, often times on Hordes miniatures there are a couple places that they aren’t able to mask. I came up with a solution to this.


(click to enlarge)

You take your greenstuff and mix it into a ball. The beauty of two part epoxy is that you can tell visually (by color) when it is completely mixed. Keep twisting/squishing the greenstuff until it is completely mixed. It helps to get your hands a bit wet during this process so the greenstuff doesn’t stick.


(click to enlarge)

Now you take that little bit of green stuff (less is more in this situation) and you make a little snake out of it. You put the snake onto your seam that you want to cover. In this case, it’s the back piece of my Dire Troll Bomber. You can use a toothpick with a bit of water on it to more easily get the greenstuff along the length of your seam.


(click to enlarge)

Next, you wet your finger (not gonna lie, I use spit.) and apply pressure to the green stuff. Use a sliding motion to spread it, as if you were trying to clean a stain off your computer screen. You want it to be relatively flush with your model. Do this in a well lit room so you can tell if the green stuff isn’t sticking out. Make sure it follows the curves of the model and doesn’t cover up any important details.


(click to enlarge)

Soon your model will look something like this. Be careful to not leave finger prints like I did in the right picture. If you leave finger prints, a couple drops of water and light scrubbing motions will remove them.

That’s it for this episode! Next time, I’ll be priming my models and putting a base coat of paint on.


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