O’Bedlam’s New Trollblood Army! (Part 1: Unboxing)

O’Bedlam’s Trollbloods Part 1: Unboxing!

So I bit the bullet. I decided to start a Trollbloods army. Previously, I’ve played Khador w/ heavy Mercs, so I decided to do Hordes. Being a drunken scot myself, I thought Trollbloods were the only appropriate choice.


So here’s what I chose. The Battlegroup comes with Ironhide, two Impailers and a Troll Axer. I grabbed the new multi-purpose Dire Troll box, an OOP Scattergunners box off the discount rack and Capt. Gunnbjorn as my caster. Also I picked up a pack of cards so I didn’t have to worry about finding a card for the Scattergunners or anything else I pick up in the future (I love the OOP rack!). I decided to do a shooty focused Trollbloods army, for no other reason than I love the aesthetic. The one difficult decision was weather or not to go between the Troll Bomber and the Troll Blitzer. I went with the Bomber, because Capt. Gunnbjorn’s Explosivo spell is pretty dope.


So here’s what you get in the starter box. A little No Quarter book (bathroom reading!), a Quickstart guide, your cards and a nice plastic bag full of unlabeled resin model pieces!


 Here’s a close-up of the pieces. The quality of these new resin models are absolutely fantastic. There was hardly any flash I had to trim off at all.


 Initially, I won’t be using Ironhide. I may add him later if I find that I need to diversify my army away from heavy firepower. Take a good look at the details of these resin models. Even a few years ago, you’d never see a non-metal model with this much detail. It’s a beautiful time to get into the hobby.


 Here are my OOP Scattergunners. I picked them as one of my units to get up-close and personal. With a spray template, these guys should be a brick wall against the scarier parts of my opponents army. Let’s take a look at the comparison between quality of older metal models (such as these) and the previous resin models.


They’re still very well detailed, but personally the edges don’t look as crisp to me as the newer resin version. Also, it should be noted that resin models are MUCH easier to assemble and glue.


Here’s the new Dire Troll box. It gives you the option of making a Mauler, Blitzer or Bomber. As said before, I’ll be making the bomber. seeing all the options makes me want to break out the magnets and make a ‘transformer’ model that could be turned into either option. Maybe I’ll make that my next project. Anyhow, this comes with a lot of cool stuff. I may use some of this stuff to convert Warhammer 40k models. (Don’t tell GW!)


Like I said before, there’s not very much flash to worry about. One complaint is that when I was assembling him, the back piece (seen on the left hand side) was very difficult to attach to the back piece.


and Last (but not least) is my warcaster, Captain Gunnbjorn. Not much to say about him as of yet. I look forward to painting him. He’s got a 50s GI Joe feel, and his Bazooka looks like it’s from Fallout 3.

See you folks next time, when I assemble these models!


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